Scientific and Public Publications as of August, 2016

Ksiazek-Mikenas, K., J. Herrmann, S.B. Menke and M. Köhler. If you build it, will they come? Plant and arthropod diversity of urban green roofs over time.  (in review, Urban Naturalist).

Starry, O., S. Gonsalves, K. Ksiazek-Mikenas, J.S. MacIvor, A. Szailles, and S. Brenneisen. A global comparison of green roof beetle community composition. (in review, Urban Naturalist).

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Full text here: MacIvor & Ksiazek 2015

Ksiazek, K., R. Tonietto and J.S. Ascher. 2014. Ten bee species new to green roofs in the Chicago area. The Great Lakes Entomologist , 47(1-2):87-92 .
Full text here: Ksiazek et al. 2014

Ksiazek, K. and O. Starry. 2014. Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs. Illustrated by C. Ryan Patterson.
Available here:

Ksiazek, K. 2014. The Potential of Green Roofs to Support Urban Biodiversity.  In J. Briz, M. Köhler and I. de Felipe (Eds.), Green Cities in the World. (Chapter 6; pages 101-124). Madrid: Pronatur.
Full text here: Ksiazek 2014

DiLeo, M., J. Siu, M. Rhodes, A. López-Villalobos, A. Redwine, K. Ksiazek and R. Dyer. 2014. The gravity of pollination: Integrating at-site features into spatial analysis of contemporary pollen movement. Molecular Ecology, 23(16): 3973-3982.
Full text here: DiLeo et al. 2014

Ksiazek, K., J. Fant and K. Skogen. 2014. Native forbs produce high quality seeds on Chicago green roofs. Journal of Living Architecture 2:e2. Ksiazek et al. 2014

Ksiazek, K., J. Fant and K. Skogen. 2012. An assessment of pollen limitation on Chicago green roofs. Landscape and Urban Planning, 107: 401-408.
Full text here: Ksiazek et al. 2012

Ksiazek, K., J. Fant and K. Skogen. 2011. An assessment of pollination services on Chicago green roofs. In Proceedings of the CitiesAlive! Ninth Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference. Philadelphia, PA. Toronto: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

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